Cave Arnoldka

Cave called Arnoldka

We went today with few friends and members of our Apneaman club to the Cave called Arnoldka. Its not a cave for public and it was very nice to explore this underground space and for kids it was very nice adventure 🤩 Thanks to Ondřej Jäger for organization and guiding and thanks to Světlana Jägerová for this short movie   

Martin Zajac - Vertical Blue 2018

Very nice come back

Dear friends, here is a very nice article from Vertical Blue writen by Francesca M. Owings. It was so nice to be a part of this amazing event, it was so amazing to train and to compete again after 7 years 💪💪💪 It was great to be again a part of this beautiful apnea world as an...

Martin Zajac Vertical Blue 2018

Last deep dive on Vertical Blue 2018

Yesterday I did my last deep dive on Vertical Blue 2018. Its my depest dive ever, if I do not count sled diving! I did new Slovak national record in CWT -106m! The goal for this first season was to improve a little bit all my old performances and to enjoy each dive. Misson was...

thanks to ale

Thanks to Alessia Zecchini 

Thanks to Alessia Zecchini for coaching me today on my depest dive ever! I was quite curious what I can performe here on Vertical Blue with my not optimal training and timing and I am very happy for all my resultes! Today CWT -106m very easy 🐬🐬🐬 I must also say to Alessia thanks a lot that you pushed...

Freediving instructor

In addition to standard courses freediving also organizes special courses, training and experiential events around the world. Annually, I train over 200 students and training events and tours’ll take more than 100 freedivers

Team Apneaman I founded in 2007

Team Apneaman I founded in 2007 and lead it as a trainer and coach. We are holders of almost all national records and several world records. Since 2009 he works as national coach AIDA and from 2017 as well as the national coach of CMAS. In 2011, I was named the best coach of AIDA...